Using our free reload service you can get free recharges for your Etisalat connections. We give Rs 200 reload for every 1 hour for each IP Address and the number. After one hour you can recharge your mobile again for free. To send reloads to your mobile, we need access to your selfcare account. We use cookies for that. If you don’t have Etisalat Selfcare account you can create by visiting

You can access our service from following page:

Before we begin,

  1. Do not use ad blockers, we rely on ads.
  2. Do not tried to cheat our system, If found you will be banned automatically. Report bugs using contact form
  3. Popup ads may appear, Ads are served using third party provider.
  4. If you see below window, Click SKIP THIS AD button as shown in below image. Also please do not use any ad blockers

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How To Login

Step 1: We use cookies. To get cookies, Click Get Cookies And Login Option so you can use your password or you can use SMS verification process
Step 2: After logged in to our system, you can recharge your mobile number every one hour. Also only one IP is allowed per hour.

Warnings !!!

  • We recomend you to get the cookies using username and password
  • We are not responsible for the any actions that could be taken by the Etisalat Sri Lanka

If you have any doubts or questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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