React To Me Facebook Auto Liker and Uploader helps users to get likes for their pages,  statuses, videos, photos and much more. Also users can upload video or photo by using photo or video direct link. This guide helps users about how to use above services.

How To Login

To use our services, you must login to our auto liker system at Also You must have a Email Verified Facebook Account.
React To Me Auto Liker and Uploader uses Sony Xperia™ smartphone app’s access token.

At First You have to Allow that app to your Facebook account. An then you can get access token. Access token helps us to exchange likes without logging in to your Facebook Account. To Get Access Token Please Follow The Steps mentioned here:

When allowing Sony Xperia™ smartphone app to your account please grant all permissions to use our system else you will get error. After getting access token you can login to our system at

The Following Video Could Help:

How To Get Likes

If you are going to get likes for posts, then you must turn followers settings to Public. And also your post’s privacy should be Public

If you want to change your follower settings to public. Then go to FACEBOOK SETTINGS >>> PUBLIC POSTS
(Note: You must be older than 18 years old to get this setting.)

Currently you can get likes for Fan Page, Fan Page’s Post, Status, Photos, Videos. If you want likes for other things like notes, shared post etc, You can choose CUSTOM ID Option. Click the links and you can get likes by following steps at our system.

How To Upload Videos and Photos

By using our Auto Uploader. Users can upload videos and photos using direct link. This Helps users to save their uploading bandwidth.

There is an option to upload videos and photos. All you have to do is provide a direct link when you are submitting it. example: If you want to upload a video, Video link must be like this: an it must be accessible by any IP address and without any authentication.

Warnings !!!

If you are first time user, Then your account will be locked automatically by Facebook. But you can re activate it by changing password. If you got any problems please comment below. Or you can contact us via Support TAB.

If you have any doubts or questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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